Have been a guests on a BNI meeting yesterday. We met lots of nice people and tangible business. So there are definite opportunities but with some knitting the brows: limited reach due to grouping nature (even with all guests) and a 90K/year tag.

We are on Instagram.

We are on Instagram.

Look out for news coming soon!

We enter RAEX ratings at Top-40!

We have entered the official RAEX ranking of the largest companies and groups in the area of accounting outsourcing by the results of 2017 in Russia. And we made it straight to top-40!

Thanks to all our beautiful professionals who contributed their time and effort to this achievement.
Let’s work hard again to get higher by the end of 2018.


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3rd Annual Forum BLEU-EAEU 2017

Globaudit Business Service LLC at the 3rd Annual Forum BLEU-EAEU 2017 in Moscow Check out here -> (LinkedIn page)
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