Digital solutions & automation

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Globaudit Audit division is specialized in the following areas:

"Globaudit is listed Among the Largest Consulting Companies in Russia. We are in top 40 of outsourcing companies as well."
Anton Klimanov, Managing Partner
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We have a solid experience of tethering international accounting systems with local requirements from accounting and IT perspective. Our IT solutions rely on both local and international software.
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We tailor our solutions to each client individually. Large companies would require more of our involvement with adhering to their internal standards, compliance and integration of inter-company systems. Smaller customers would usually relay on our solutions and praise the quickness of communication and mobility. So individual solution may vary from our integration into client’s ERP system (SAP, Scala, 1C) to just our custom channel within any modern messenger (Telegram, WhatsApp etc.) that makes communication and documents exchange swift, effective & just within one window.