Business Assistence

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Globaudit Business Assistence division is specialized in the following areas:

"We focus on a small and medium size companies - foreigners with a branch or representative offices or local Russian legal entities with foreign investments."
Anton Klimanov, Managing Partner

Management company

Globaudit Business Service is available to participate as a Management Company (MC) that may take the role of a General Director to make it possible to register and start doing business in the initial stage when the actual role of GD is not yet filled or approved. It also helps to distribute the risks associated with the inherited wastness of powers that are granted to GD by the local laws. GBS participation as a MC balances it with guarantee to the owners of disrupted operations even in the most extreme cases associated with the management and operations of GD. MC option is provided by Russian corporate laws. Please note that this service is offered only in bundle with accounting outsourcing.

Registration and advising

Globaudit Business Service is available to help you start up a new business in Moscow. We provide a full assistance in registration of representative office of foreign company or regular Russian Legal Entity with foreign investments. Registration of foreign business representation with State Registration Chamber, Tax Office and Social Insurance funds is our specialty: we have over 15 years of experience in this field. We may also advise you on the proposed schemes of organising operations in Russia and how to avoid common legal and tax pitfalls.

Professional employer service

Our support may become especially useful when a foreign company is new in Russia or being in the process of registration and has no legal entity through which to employ staff locally or when there is an internal recruitment limit. The candidates can be employed with Globaudit for the interim period so that the risk for your business and administration time is minimized.

Today the demand for professional staff in the ever-so-fast growing business environment of Russia is tremendous. However sometimes it’s a challenge: you need to find a reliable accounting specialist quickly without sacrificing the quality or taking the risk of personal and professional mismatch. We can help to save time, secure you from bureaucracy and risk associated with employing staff in Russia. This service is called outstaffing.

Accounting is one of the areas where outstaffing may be useful. The solution is to outsource accounting functions to Globaudit while searching for the right candidate. Globaudit may be assigned to do your bookkeeping while reviewing and testing candidates and presenting you with the selected best of them. After you make decision and let the person take control over in your bookkeeping, Globaudit will hire him/her for the probation period on terms of leasing. In the event of successful completion of probation period you will get a well tested professional that you will be happy to join your team. If after the trial period you find that the new accountant is not up to your standards, simply tell us and we shall keep looking for the replacement while continue providing you with accounting support (outsourcing).