Audit & Consulting RAS & IAS

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Globaudit Audit division is specialized in the following areas:

"Globaudit is listed Among the Largest Consulting Companies in Russia. We are in top 40 of outsourcing companies as well."
Anton Klimanov, Managing Partner
  • • Statutory Audit under RAS (Local standards)
  • Audit of financial statements prepared under IAS or GAAP standards
  • Tax compliance audit
  • Tax and accounting law consulting
  • Audit according to the company internal audit program

Globaudit can help you face challenging tax and legal issues and resolve them in line with your business strategies and objectives. We have the depth of experience necessary to deal with the most complex situations.

Globaudit is offering audit of financial statements according to International Standards and audit of transformation of Russian accounts according to IAS/GAAP for companies that are required to be able to present their financial results in accordance with an internationally recognized accounting framework. The process of compiling international financial statements requires both a thorough understanding of Russian accounting standards combined with an in depth understanding of international accounting and reporting.

Globaudit is also capable to perform audit according to the special program designed by HQ of international corporation for the purposes of management. Or participate as a contractor if the assigned auditor of a foreign company does not have the capacity to travel to Russia for auditing a Russian branch of a company. In this case Globaudit shall perform audit according to the task given by the assigned auditor.