Accounting & Tax Compliance

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Globaudit BS is a private, Russian origin, outsourcing solutions and audit company. Globaudit BS is an oldest on the market as it has emerged out of INAUDIT in the beginning of 90's last century. It was the first audit and consulting company to work with the foreign business after collapse of Soviet Union. Today Globaudit BS provide accounting, payroll processing, HR administration and audit services.

"No client is just an ordinary standard client. We tailor our solutions to each client individually."
Anton Klimanov, Managing Partner


  • Accounting records, assets, stock, liabilities accounting, financial result
  • Cooperation with tax authorities, pension fund, social insurance fund, mandatory medical insurance fund, employment quotas centres
  • Cooperation with banks, preparation of payment orders, Client-Bank system payments
  • Coordination with tax authorities
  • Bookkeeping recovery
  • Interaction with debtors and creditors
  • Expense reports processing
  • Petty cash management
  • Inventory
  • Preparation of primary documentation in accordance with standard forms


  • Preparation and submission of the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Statement, the Cashflow Statement, the Statement of Stockholder’s Equity, the Financial Statement (form #5), Special Purpose Funding Statement to the third persons (tax authorities, statistics services, shareholders, auditors and etc.)
  • Calculation of tax, pension and social liabilities for the reporting period; preparation and submission of tax returns, reports to pension fund, social insurance fund, employment quotas centres
  • Submission of individual accounting to pension fund departments
  • Preparation and submission of statistic data


  • Development, coordination and implementation of management reporting forms for manufacturing, trade and service companies (in English and/or in Russian)
  • Conversion of Russian reporting according to IAS requirements


  • Development and maintenance of tax accounting registers for the purpose of profit tax calculation

Personal taxes

  • Personal tax declaration (3 NDFL) preparation and filing